Nickel mania play games with real nickels  
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Nickelmania Admission

Play games with real nickels!

Enjoy exciting and entertaining games and family get-togethers for less than $2.00!

Where else can you bring family and friends to have a great time together for such a reasonable amount? The memories you take home are worth so much more than the price of admission. It is truly a fun family experience for kids of all ages.

Don't wait another minute. Gather friends and family and come on over to Nickelmania today.

Here are the details:
$1.95 admission per person (players and non players). Kids and adults the same price.
Kids as well as their parents have a great time
Everyone enjoys the latest in the video games simulators and ticket games
Bring your own food and nickels!
Huge selection of prizes from the redemption counter adds to the fun for kids of all ages
locked ins specials
Call now to reserve your next party or get-together:
972-713-9500 or after hours call 469-583-1483.
Send your reservation request online!
cash and credit cards accepted
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