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Nickelmania Celebrates Scouting

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Events, Get-Togethers and Award Ceremonies!

Have your next scouting event at Nickel Mania! Here are the details.

$20 is required to reserve one table for two hours of fun at Nickel Mania. The $20.00 prepay is not refundable and does not go towards your total bill.

If you need to reserve 2 or more tables, there will be a $20.00 charge for each additional table. You do not have to reserve a table in advance. You can take a chance, but we cannot guarantee a table will be available without a reservation and prepayment.

scouting events What is the price for my scout troup to have an event at Nickel Mania?

You can purchase one or several packages

Nickel Mania Package #1 (10 people) $65.34 and includes:
* 2 large one-topping pizzas
* 400 nickels
* 10 soft drinks
* 10 FREE admissions (Saves you $19.50)
Nickel Mania Package #2 (4 people) $25.73 and includes:
* 1 large one-topping pizza
* 100 nickels
* 4 soft drinks
* 4 FREE admissions (Saves you $7.80)
Nickel Mania Package #3 (2 people) $18.61 and includes:
* medium one-topping pizza
* 100 nickels
* 2 soft drinks
* 2 FREE admissions (Saves you $3.90)
You may combine packages any way you want. For example: You have 15 scouts at your event. You can purchase one package for 10 and one for 4, and pay just one admission for the fifteenth person. Another way to have your get-together of 15 scoutis is to purchase one package for 10 and just pay 5 additional admissions. You can always purchase additional nickels, pizza and soft drinks without buying a package.
Call now to inquire or reserve your next scouting event, get-together or ceremony:
972-713-9500 or send your reservation request online
Call 972-713-9500
After hours, call 469-583-1483
cash and credit cards accepted
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