Arcade Near Me in Coppell, TX

Are you looking for an arcade near you in Coppell, TX? Nickel Mania is a nickel arcade in Carrollton, Texas, that offers a fun and unique atmosphere for those who are young at heart. All of our games can be played with a nickel. If you are looking for your next family adventure, please stop by, and you can find our hours online!

We Offer A Unique, Vintage Feeling Arcade Experience

 Arcade Near Me Coppell TX

Our arcade offers over 125 vintage and newer, up-to-date games for your gaming pleasure. Take a trip down memory lane with our nostalgic array of kids’ games at an affordable price. All games are played with nickels only. You will feel like you are stepping back in time. This arcade offers a selection of newer games and classics you played as a kid, so everyone in your family can enjoy their time here. 

Arcade Close to Coppell, TX

Whether you live in Coppell, Texas, or surrounding areas, you are close to Nickel Mania. Be sure to stop in with your friends and family for cheap entertainment. If you are looking for an amusing birthday party or group venue, we can accommodate your needs with one of our build-your-party packages. We also welcome daycare groups and other sports teams or school groups at special group discounted rates.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Feedback from our customers is important to us. Below we have included some of our most asked questions about our arcade. 

What makes Nickel Mania such a Unique Arcade Experience? 

With Nickel Mania‚Äôs unique, one-of-a-kind concept, patrons and partygoers alike are able to receive up to 41 gameplays at the cost of admission. All in nickels!  For this very same cost in a more traditional arcade venue setting, you would not receive more than 20 gameplays. All games are played with nickels as opposed to the standard currency of quarters or dollars.  Making this a truly rare and very affordable treat that the entire family can enjoy together.

Are Reservations Required for Birthday Parties or Group Events? 

Space can be somewhat on the limited side at Nickel Mania. Therefore, it is a requirement to make reservations for your birthday party or other group events if you have a specific date and time in mind for your next gathering. This is to ensure that your specific date and time will be available for you. 

Come Visit Us Soon For a Fun and Entertaining Experience

Next time you are looking for an enjoyable and entertaining experience in the Coppell, TX, area, come visit Nickel Mania. Fun is our business. We are looking forward to serving your game-playing needs. From birthday parties to youth groups, and school trips to family gatherings, we are here to accommodate you with a one-of-a-kind, vintage arcade experience at an affordable price. Contact us today for more information or to reserve your group gathering.

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