Arcade Near Me in Garland, TX

Are you looking for a fun outing for the family this weekend? Wishing to relive some childhood experiences from “the good ole’ days?” Just want to blow off some steam with old friends? Nickle Mania may be the place for you! If we are near you, come check out our arcade near Garland, TX.

Nostalgic Fun at Any Age!

arcade near me in Garland, TX

Remember the days when you could hop on your bike with a pocket full of coins and play for hours? We want to bring that back! With options ranging from “Spongebob’s Pineapple Arcade” to “Sonic’s Ball Blast,” we have arcade games that will bring back memories for customers, young and old. We offer families with a competitive streak to come out and give some friendly banter, or, with our large selection of prizes, siblings can band together to get enough tickets for the coolest prize. 

Arcade Located Near Garland, Texas

Garland, TX, is located in Dallas County, with a population of more than 226,000. Our arcade is located in Carrollton, which is not far from Garland. If you are looking for amusement places to take your family for fun, then please come check us out. We love serving the families in the Garland, TX, area.

Family Fun  

For decades, families have been going to arcades for quality family time, birthday parties, and time with younger family members to enjoy together. Playing games together creates a strong bond within the family and provides memories for decades. From the classic game of pinball to newer games that keep the interest of the younger ones. For the small price of admission, you and the whole family can build morale and lifelong memories at our arcade that uses real nickels! 

Have Questions? Here Are Some We Get Often! 

What Are Arcades Used For?

Amusement Arcades show a bunch of different games, including video games, electro-mechanical machines, and pinball machines. For families, it can be used for building lifelong memories and laughs. Arcades in Garland, TX, and everywhere give the opportunity for parents to share childhood memories from their days in the arcade with friends and give kids a safe place to meet friends. Oftentimes, these machines are token operated, but at Nickle Mania, we use real nickels. 

Why Do People Enjoy Arcades?

People enjoy the nostalgia factor. For parents, it brings back their childhood to when they would ride their bikes to the local arcade to meet up with friends. For kids, it’s the excitement of the neon lights and prizes. Nothing makes a child’s eyes light up like seeing a toy that they could win or the amount of candy they can get with a small number of tickets. With a warm and welcoming environment, arcades have offered a safe place for friends and family to gather for years. The energetic music and bright, changing lights bring fun to the environment and sparks joy in everyone’s eyes, no matter their age.

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If you’re looking for an activity to do this weekend with the kids or a place to host a birthday party, Nickel Mania is the perfect place for you to have a great time. Check out our locations tab to get directions to our arcade from Garland, TX! Contact us for more information.

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