Why Birthday Parties At An Arcade Is Perfect For The Whole Family

Are you looking for a family-fun indoor arcade near you? We all remember going to the arcade with our friends and family and running around trying to get the highest score or earn the most prize tickets. Those memories do not need to be memories, arcades are still relevant and fun for everyone of all ages. Arcades are also great for birthday parties and any type of private party. Here are some reasons why you should have your next birthday at Nickel Mania, especially if you reside near Carrollton, TX.

Fun For Everyone

The arcade games here are geared toward all ages. Adults and kids alike will enjoy playing all the classic arcade games and other various games that we offer, from the latest video games and ticket games. Don’t want to play? That is okay, too! You can just sit and take joy in your child having fun.

Friendly Competition

A little friendly competition never hurts anyone; at least, that is how the saying goes. Playing arcade games with friends and family is a great way to bond and a fun way to compete with one another. Seeing who can win the most tickets or who can win a race and get the highest score makes playing video games and other games more fun. 

Money Saving

Planning a birthday party at Nickel Mania is a good way to plan a party on a budget. We have a flat rate for up to 12 people and a low additional fee if additional tables are needed. What about the food? You can bring your own food and drinks, making it more cost-effective, and more customizable to the dietary needs of your guests. We do not want you to overpay for food, so you are able to bring in pizzas, chips, your own cake, etc. You can also bring your own decorations, which give you the ability to have whatever theme you prefer. 

Affordable Game Pricing

Here at the arcade, our games have been modified to accept nickels. You heard that correctly. Each of our games only costs a few nickels a piece making it more affordable to play games. Our $5 cup of nickels is usually our most popular purchase. 


Hosting a birthday party at an arcade just brings back all those memories from childhood and adolescence, that sense of family-friendly fun that many of us had when we were growing up. Now you can make those memories with your children, friends, and family with some of your favorite games. Sharing this type of nostalgia is a good way to bond.

Tickets That Don’t Expire

If your guests are not ready to redeem their tickets at our prize counter, don’t fret our tickets do not expire, so they can save them and come back to play again, win more tickets and redeem them for a prize. Working towards a bigger prize? No worries, you can redeem the tickets anytime you are ready. 

Schedule Your Next Birthday Party

If you are looking for a kid-friendly indoor arcade near you, Nickel Mania is a great place to host your next birthday party then contact us today or schedule your party online. We can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you.

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